Dr. David C. Jenn       

Specializing in radar systems and   

electromagnetic scattering and radiation


Mailing address:

395 Del Monte Center

Suite 136

Monterey, CA 93940




temporarily see: http://faculty.nps.edu/jenn/



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Short courses are available on demand in the areas of

Current Position:

Professor and Director of the Microwave & Antenna Laboratory

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Naval Postgraduate School

Monterey, CA 93943

email: jenn@nps.navy.mil, jenn@nps.edu 

More extensive material, including the software, is available at http://faculty.nps.edu/jenn/. For a short curriculum vitae see here.

book cover

Author of the book:

Radar and Laser Cross Section Engineering

AIAA Education Series, 1995

(Call 1-800-682-AIAA for information)

Errata sheet for the the 1st edition in PDF format is here


Second edition now available!

Errata sheet for the 2nd edition in PDF format is here


Free Matlab software! (Zipped files using WinZip)

        Course Materials (Naval Postgraduate School, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering)

     These notes are not regularly updated.  See the NPS webpage http://faculty.nps.edu/jenn/  for the most recent versions of notes and seminar presentations.

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